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How We Manage Properties in Bangalore

BangalorePropertyManager.Com an asset of VP Consultants, provides 100% Hassle free and Satisfaction Guaranteed Property Management Services in Bangalore and India.

All you need to do is just let us manage your property Portfolio in all respects.

There is no need to pay even a Rupee from your pocket or Invest even a Minute of your precious Time, we let your property earn for you and we spend our time on behalf of you.

How we Manage your Apartment or Flat or Villa

  • We enter into an agreement with you
  • We become your long term tenants
  • We get permission from you to sub lease your property
  • Premises will be given purely for residential purposes
  • We pay you monthly rent by deducting 10% of the rent towards our service charges
  • We give assured 6 months rent deposit interest free which is refundable at the end of the agreement

What we do with your Property

  • Our Agent visits your property and provides a list of initial activities to be carried out such as cleaning and paintings
  • Upon your acceptance, our Maintenance team will take care of the required activities
  • Our Team will then find a suitable tenant for your property
  • Our Team will inspect your property regularly and keep it in good condition
  • Owners can visit the property any time with 24hours prior notification
  • Any works apart from maintenance such as property tax payments can be carried out by our team
  • At the end of the agreement, we return the property in the same condition in which we acquire
  • All other finer terms when signing agreement with us

Vacant Property Management

If you do not wish to rent or lease out your property and like to keep it empty, we do provide Hassle free Vacant Property Management Services in Bangalore.

  • Upon initial agreement you give us the permission to maintain your property
  • We inspect your property in regular intervals to ensure that it is in required condition
  • Cleaning will be done daily or weekly or monthly depending on your wish or as per agreement
  • Our team member will be present at your property whenever you need (like to receive physical mails)
  • Will handover the property to your guests upon your permission for any amount of time
  • Will timely pay monthly bills and required taxes
  • Will carry out additional tasks and repairs upon your permission

Despite above we do provide many more value added management services such as legal assistance, sales and purchases of properties etc.,

Have a requirement which is not mentioned here, please contact us, we will get back to you with proper solution.

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